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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Fun way to declutter

I thought I wouldn't have anything to mumble about until at least Friday but tonight I came across a fun idea that I really like and thought I should pass it on to my loyal followers.  The idea is this:  there are 366 days in 2012 (it's a leap year) and the person that writes the Garden of Daisies blog has made the suggestion that we could declutter all year by simply getting rid of one thing each day.  That would be three hundred and sixty six items that would no longer be cluttering your home.

Pause now for thought about that....


How great would that be?

Go HERE to read more about it!!


  1. Oh yes...I read her blog and thought how clever...I do need to declutter and I love doing it. Hugs to you dear one. xoxoxo

  2. yes but, what about the 367 new things that i will buy?

  3. I love this idea. So far this year I have removed at least 5 things so am well on my way.

  4. it is a good idea...and I have good intentions....lets hope I can do it!!

  5. Love it! I'll have to share this with mom. She and I keep having these conversations about 'why' do we have all this stuff.

  6. First thing I did this morning was dust around a few things! Get rid of one a day sounds doable.

  7. Sounds good. I always try not to bring something in until I take something out. My thing is what people give me. They know I do mixed media and sewing so I am always getting stuff from others that they don't want. LOL

  8. Good idea !
    I'm a bit stumped when it comes to who or where stuff should go, how to sort it and how to get it to them. The only people who collect in my village are the Diabetic people.
    Any (practical) suggestions would be helpful.

  9. At the rate I've been disposing of things, as freecycle or recycle, or donations to thrift stores, I've already passed my annual quota! I'll soon be int next year's.

    One terrific thing about deciding which items have run their course in your house is that once they've left, it really enables you to have new ideas, see new connections, just breathe better.

    I think clutter acts like a cork in a bottle, stopping you from moving ahead with things you really want to do. Anyway, that's me! now I'll follow your link.

  10. Anonymous11:40 AM

    That is a fantastic idea as I was just thinking about how my creative cubbyhole was frighteningly messy. Thanks for sharing. Let's leap into it. xox Corrine

  11. everyone seems to be in a 'purge' mood...says something doesn't it

    I cleaned out some kitchen cupboards the other day and could not believe how old some of the things were...scary really...the old out of sight out of mind thing!

    your gone loopy post speaks to me too!

    Happy January to you MA


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