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Monday, January 23, 2012

Being totally useless!

Yep, there's a lot of truth to that particular post title, especially today!  However, in this case I'm referring to the fact that today is the date we post a photo of our ORT* jar for the TUSAL**.

Here's mine,
along with my rotary cutter
to give you some idea of scale.

* An ORT is an 'old ratty thread'
** TUSAL is the 'Totally-Useless-Stitch-Along'.


  1. You're going to need a bigger jar. That's a lotta orts!

  2. WEll, I'll be.... I just went to her blog and found out what your meant. Looks like fun really! Lots have joined in on it too. Wow. Interesting.

  3. Ok, I was just over at Pat's blog and saw her jar. I used to save my little bits of threads and ribbons and then in the Spring, chop them up teeny tiny and sprinkle them in my garden for the birds to use in their nests. I stopped doing that and I don't know why.

    Anyway, I just emptied out an old mason jar so it's now ready for a new purpose. I've already put my thread ends in from yesterday's stitching!

  4. Anonymous8:34 AM

    First time I have ever heard of the term was a good morning laugh! thanks!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  5. I just feel totally useless from being frozen and thawed repeatedly here! LOL!
    omg.....if I had a jar for threads, well, it would be one of those type the pack commercially for restaurant purchase. You know, the MASSIVE ones??? ;-)
    And that's when I'm not even sewing, just cleaning up!


  6. Pat Winter has some great labels for these jars on her blog. Connie is right you will need a bigger jar! I do something like Pam used to do. I take the threads out and scatter them on the ground. I see them in bird nests all summer long.


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