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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Colour switch

Today I thought I`d give you a break from white
and post pictures of the latest
jacket I just finished.

The lady wanted her grandkids names
embroidered somewhere on the

The pink roses are actually quite
dimensional and yes,
they came from a pair of

Here`s the front....
and here`s the back. 


  1. i love the arms with the little squares

  2. We are needing a little color about now, aren't we! This is beautiful and how cool is that patch with the roses! Those are the kind of jeans I need.

  3. This is adorable!!! You are so clever! xo

  4. Beautiful and putting the grandbabies names on it is a great idea she had. Love the look of these and I bet they are warm.

  5. Great jacket MA! I used to make a lot of patchwork denim wearing apparel for a quaint little shop across the river. I like those pockets added for interest!


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