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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Any ideas?

I have a rather large collection of Art Doll Quarterly magazines which I know will not fit in our new abode and I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who might be interested in them.  The postage costs would be astronomical to mail them anywhere.  There are no doll clubs in this area, so that is not an option.  Any suggestions of what I might be able to do with them?

No new news on the house sale front, unfortunately.  We made the decision last night to go ahead and move into the new place and leave the house empty for the time being.  Doing that will reduce the amount we are paying for utilities which will help financially and we can actually enjoy living by the river for at least part of the summer.  We'll take a couple of car loads each day until we get the small stuff moved and then we'll make it official.  We're both looking forward to actually settling in one place!


  1. Lots of us love that magazine. Its such a shame not to make them available to those that are looking for back issues.

    My LBS will take old bead magazines. Perhaps there is a quilt or Locally owned craft shop that my be glad to get them.

    Or you could try listing on Craigs List.

    Good luck figuring something out.
    xx, Carol

  2. I'm wondering if you have an Occupational Therapy Dept in your area Maryann. I'm sure they would welcome such beautiful mags to use in crafts.

    Good luck with your house sale.
    Oh yes in NZ we would think it strange for someone to walk into our garden uninvited....

    Look forward to seeing more of the wedding photos when you get more settled!

  3. My friend Cheryl (another Magpie), used to belong to a doll club in the east end. Do you want me to ask her about possible places to donate? I'm sure if someone wanted them badly, they could arrange to pick them up at your house. You could also try selling them on Ebay and make a bundle!

  4. Is there a local art organization or any groups that work with art with children?
    I know sometimes groups that work on a nominal budget would love a collection like that. Might be worth the look through the phone book, or a bit of an ask around.
    Just exercising the brain....


  5. Could you Ebay them maybe?

    You could pretend you're at the "summer home" sometimes while it's on the market:) I know it's frustrating........

  6. perhaps a charity shop would want them, (thrift shop) or what about a school? University? or college? When I was studying we always had magazines to use for design boards cut up.

  7. I think that moving is a very wise idea. You can always check up regularly on the house, while actually having a life at the apartment. And you can leave the house all neat and unlived in looking, exactly the way the real estate people like it. I have never fathomed why anyone would want to buy a house that looks as if nobody ever lived there, but they don't consult me.

    About the mags: is there a provincial library/doll museum/collectors organization that might take them off your hands? If there's a taker within a reasonable radius, you could meet and hand them over in person!
    or you could offer them for sale at so much per three or four PLUS you should charge shipping, and see if people bite? your choice as to which copies go where, I mean.

    Anyway these are just thoughts.

  8. Ok,I can get carried away with idea's that usually are not practical but if I were rich I would be doing these things in a big house with a different idea for each room...why not use the best pictures and paper a wall with them and do it decoupage. Would be wonderful for one wall in a bedroom. or guest room...I would love to have them but cannot afford the postage either.
    Love your blog and am going to follow if its ok.



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