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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tote that box, schlep that stuff!!

Twelve years ago we moved into this house. 

Twelve years ago I swore that I would never (EVER!!) move again.


can anybody tell me why I would be doing it again??


For those of you who might be remotely interested, yes, we are moving into the apartment.  The house is sorta sold and sorta not - by that I mean we have a conditional offer we've accepted pending the sale of the buyers house.  We sit and wait (and hope!) that they manage to sell soon.  We know the people are really in like with our place and would be happy with the expanse of gardens, so we can only pray that they find a buyer.  

We really want to spend part of the summer at the apartment so we can enjoy our view of the water (which seems to sound like we're living on the ocean or something nearly as exciting...nope, just our local river with the masses of poopy Canada Geese and ducks in residence).  We finally decided to 'just do it' and make the move and leave the house semi-empty.  We can cut way back in the expenses by doing that.  As of this moment we are 90% moved with pretty much just the large furniture pieces still left.  

The downside to all this? 

No studio accessibility in either place!!


  1. Okay, with no studio space available, that duck and goose poop is looking more and more creative....
    Hope the other folks house sells so you have that burden off you!


  2. I know what you mean. We have moved so many times and each time I say it will be the last time. Never again! Well, never say never. We have been in this house now for 3 years, so only time will tell. You never know what life will bring. Hope you are doing well. Sounds like a good move to me. Much less to take care of.

  3. I hope their house sells soon so that they can buy yours! That is a bummer that you haven't access to your studio stuff... you need to get back to creating!

  4. no studio space??? How will you cope???? you will get pleasure from the aqua themed view though, I know it!!

  5. Oh, I know that feeling! When our home was put up for sale, I lost my art room, and packed away most of my supplies. I felt adrift without a work space. The house is not sold, and off the market. Now, do I unpack all my stuff and have an art room again?

  6. Oh Dear! What will you do without your workroom - other than feel eeply bereft! Hope you enjoy he rest of the Summer in your apartment, brewing up wonderful creative ideas!!

  7. No studio space!?! You need to quickly take over a room! Enjoy your new digs. Good luck with the sale of your home. Connie

  8. Once you get settled in the apt. 100% you will feel better. My daughter found she did. They still have had not even 1 offer and many showings. It is a beautiful house but people are scaed to buy with house prices still falling. They have lowered it 100,000. already and still no sale. We keep hoping.
    I don't think it is as bad up home as it is down here. I think we are heading into another deep recession. Not very encouraging.

    Enjoy your river view and remember you have a long winter to do all your crafts.



  9. Just came across your blog, so happy to have come by it. I hope your move works out for the best!

  10. That would be a hard spot to be in... I hope for a quick sale.. so you can settle in and enjoy what you like to do.... :D

    UGH! no studio space... not good

  11. I know what you are going through having done this just over a year ago. Only you are downsizing and we upsized LOL.
    Enjoy your new apartment, any kind of water is nice to look at :)

  12. ooo best of luck on your much work ... exciting to have a fresh start

    hope you get your studio up and running again soon Mary Anne

    take care!


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