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Monday, February 15, 2010

Persia and her newest addition

Meet Persia, who is Em's doll. She is a renowned pirate and certainly looks the part! Please click on the picture so you can see the details. Hopefully you will notice that she has her very own beaded parrot and a treasure chest that is full of pirate booty. And her tri-corner hat! She has a peg leg, complete with notches carved in it representing her male conquests. She has a real knife belt with SHARP knives too!

When I knew that Persia was to be a pirate I happened across the perfect prop for her while I was in the local dollar store......

.....a pirate ship!!!! Granted, this particular ship didn't exactly look like this when I got it. It was full of bubble bath (which did NOT smell nice and got dumped down the drain in a hurry). It was black plastic with a little bit of blue on the base where the water is. Pretty uninspired actually, but I knew I could gussie it up to make it look better. After several coats of paint, stain and varnish, it does look better I think! I even found a perfect little Jolly Roger flag on the internet which fit exactly on the flag. Obviously meant to be!

Now to decide on what else I want to add! Hope you like the ship Em!


  1. Holy...WOW! I mean, really, just... WOW! That's so amazing! I can't wait to see it in person!

  2. She's quite obviously a Pirate Queen. You've done wonders with that little ship. K.

  3. Great find on the ship, MA! And fantastic job gussying it up. Looks like real wood! Bet Persia is thrilled.

  4. I say it again - you and your group of gals are so imaginitive. Who would think to look at the bubble bath boat and turn it into a pirate ship. Good for you girl.

    She looks wonderful and I like the notched peg leg.




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