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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Beautiful eye candy!

No, there's no eye candy on this blog today, but I have several sites that have some pretty gorgeous and inspiring pieces for you to explore!

1. First, Susan Lenz has pictures on her blog from her art show. Please go and look because she does absolutely stunning work and deserves every accolade she gets for the pieces she has on display. Go here to see.

2. Another artist whose blog I enjoy is enjoying her first show too. Suzan Buckner does great paintings and her husband does great altered art. Check out pictures of their show here.

3. My friend Pam from Kitty and Me posted a link to where you can get all sorts of free (yes free!) images for use in your art. Go here.

4. Sharon Boggon of Pintangle has posted a free embroidery stitch guide for download. Check it out here.

5. Sharon has also announced that she will be running a second edition of TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday). A new embroidery stitch will be introduced each week and participants can practice the stitch and then go on to create their own versions. I took part in the original TAST and learned so much about embroidery so I highly recommend it. Sharon says the new edition will be focusing on entirely different stitches. She's a great teacher and, best of all, TAST is free! Go here (and scroll down) get further information.

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  1. Hi!
    Thanks so very, very much for the Internet plug. Blues Chapel and Last Words was a success on so many levels....but touching other fiber artists, like you, in faraway places is among the best responses. Thanks so much!


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