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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Christmas to all!

Christmas is rapidly approaching and I think my computer time will be severely limited, so this will be my last post until next week sometime.

Our festivities will be interesting this year. We start by collecting Son#2 on the night of the 21st. His girlfriend and her parents will be arriving on the 23rd. Her parents are from France and speak about as much English as we do French (none!). That should make things fun! Christmas day we will have my DH's brother and son, along with our friends, who originally come from Austria and England. We'll have a league of nations! Then we take Son#2 back on Dec 26th (Carole & her parents will leave then too) and trade him for Son#1- who has to work on Christmas day. We'll have him home until the 28th. His girlfriend will be spending Christmas with her father, so we'll be having another Christmas celebration with her sometime in January. Whew! Lots of festivities (AND food!!) for us.

I sincerely hope you and yours will have a blessed, happy and healthy Christmas. Stay safe.


  1. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Sounds like you're going to have a lovely family Christmas - have fun!
    Thankyou for keeping up your blog entries over the past year - I've found them interesting and educational. Happy Christmas and all the best for 2008. See you on the 2nd ( if you're still standing!

  2. And a Merry Christmas to you my dear friend--stay healthy and happy while enjoying your family at this special time.
    See you next week with lots of pics I hope.

  3. hi maryanne, have a merry christmas and happy new year. say hi to jack for me. and enjoy your company sound like lots of fun, you might learn some french.

  4. Merry Days, Sweetie!!!!


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