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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas tree

Here's a couple of pictures of our Christmas tree. Clicking on it should bring it up larger so you can see more detail of some of the ornaments.
Yesterday we had a huge snow storm and people were certainly spending a lot of time digging out from under today. Jack spent the better part of the day gone with the snowblower trying to clear some driveways so people can get out. I sure hope we don't get another big storm anytime soon, because I really don't know where some people will put any more snow. We saw one car today that had been foolishly left on the street overnight and it's pretty much totally buried by the snowplow. That'll teach whoever it was to leave their car out in a big storm!!


  1. Wow MA that sure is some big tree and what great decorations you have.

  2. hi maryanne can you take a picture of your tree top i would like to see what it is. has uncle jack caught up on his driveways. did you try that song i sent you? did you like it? have a nice day. kathy


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