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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Further Mumblings

Yep, I gotta mumble today. Nothing has happened, nothing is happening, and it's altogether a nothing day. So far I've done nothing but housework (which is really classed as Nothing!!).

Question for you. What is your least favourite household chore and why? For me it has to be dusting, hands down. It is a totally thankless chore. Nobody can tell you've done it; it has to be done on a regular basis or you can't breathe. You can't point to the job and say "Look! I've dusted! Doesn't that look wonderful?". They look at you like you have two heads and wonder if you've finally gone off the deep end. Besides, it's dead boring. By the time you've rubbed a certain item down with a cloth for the ten thousandth time, it tends to get to you. There ain't no genies in a bottle in my house or I would know by now. Dusting isn't like washing fingerprints off the walls. At least with the fingerprints you can tell you've done it, because the paint colour changes dramatically and people tend to notice that. Washing the floor isn't like dusting either, because with two dogs, three cats, and three humans in this house the floors really guk up in a hurry and THEY change colour too, once they're washed. Cleaning the bathroom isn't like dusting because once the mirror is done you can see yourself without having to peer through toothpaste and shaving splatters. Even cleaning the light bulbs is more rewarding than least you can see much better at night. Yep, dusting is a thankless job.

Ok...mumbling is over for today. Aren't you glad?

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