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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Day 6 detail and interesting day

Sorry about the no-post yesterday. I ran out of time. Todays picture is of Day 6 in the 100 Details series ( I'm actually working on day 26 right now, but I'm sadly behind in the picture-taking. Anyway, this detail had me a bit worried since I've always felt intimidated by long and short stitch. However, I think my butterfly didn't turn out too badly for a first try. Another good thing about this series is that it gets me out of my comfort zone, which can't help but be a good thing.

And speaking of comfort zones...I have to admit I was certainly out of mine yesterday (in more ways than one, because it was extremely hot!). My friend Kym (aka Boop) insisted that we really needed to see The Yarn Harlot (Stephanie speaking at a knitting guild in Aurora (about an hour away). She conscripted Jack to drive us (poor, long-suffering man for whom she has promised a pr. of machine-knitted socks). I went under a great deal of durress because things like this are waaaayyy out of my comfort zone. However I decided that if she could go looking somewhat like a chipmunk and barely able to talk after having had five teeth removed last week, I could manage. Plus which she insisted it was my birthday present to go. Actually I had a good time (which I shouldn't admit publicly because I know Kym will be reading this!). Stephanie is every bit as funny and down-to-earth as I had expected. The ladies at the guild were friendly and the knitting shop was lovely. Sure wish I had a project in mind, because I sure could have found nice wool there. Anyway, if you haven't read Stephanie's blog, please check it out and be prepared to laugh.

Went to lunch yesterday with my friend Jan and she gave me the most unique pair of earrrings (seems like my birthday has gone on for weeks this year!). Anyway, remember string art from the 70's? Well, these earrings are a miniature version of that, only done with what looks like sewing thread. The outside part that 'holds' the thread looks somewhat like a spring from inside a pen. Sorry, my description is lacking and I can't post a picture til I get my scanner fixed. Love the earrings anyway!

Enough mumbling for today....

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