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Monday, September 24, 2012

Mouse houses

Sorry folks, no stitching being accomplished here at the moment - too busy nursing ailing husband (and having the cooking, which might just end up making him feel worse!!).

Instead, I want to send you HERE to see the cutest miniature tree  house for mouses you've ever seen.  The attention to detail is astounding!  I've always been fascinated by miniatures so I had to share.  There's also a link you can click onto in her post that will send you to a wonderful Hobbit house she's made too.  Fun!!


Boud said...

Now that mouse hangout was fun! thanks from another miniature maker!

I hope your husband gets well soon, if only in self defense..

Anonymous said...

Hope Himself will be feeling better soon.
Mrs Noofy

liniecat said...

Loved the mouse house! I have few of my miniature scenes left now but making them was always good fun. Hope your nursing and cooking skills pull you both through!

karen said...

sympathy winging its way from England to poor sick Mr Magpie....hope he's feeling better.