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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pirate map for Persia

Persia needed a pirate map to show where the buried treasure is (don't all pirates have buried treasure somewhere?).
I drew the map and stained the paper with a combination of tea/coffee & a few spritzes of Walnut Ink. It's lightly coloured with a bit of watercolour pencil which I then 'painted' with water. While it was still wet ( despite the danger of burning the house down!) I burned the edges and a few holes in the middle. Now it's having a coat of protectant and it will be ready to take exploring!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ooooooooo....Pirate Map!!!
How cool!
I have, long ago, singed things on the stove, and yes, almost caught the kitchen on fire. I decided after that to use flame outside....I'm just a klutz!


Kaite said...

If you'd burned the house down you might have had to take to the high seas yourself! The map is so totally authentic i don't believe you made it yourself, i'm sure you must have dug it up from under another burned down house. K.

arlee said...

ha! reminds me of the ones we made as kids--lemon juice and the oven!!! perfection :}

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Your spider story FAR tops mine!!!
OMGosh......I so needed your humor! It has been a rough day, plus cleaning the studio (and dropping the scanner on the floor...kaBANG! it still works) and some other stuff----I just laughed and laughed!!!


FredaB said...


After burning my fingers quite a few times it dawned on me to go to the fireplace and grab the long matches. Perfect. Didn't have any here in Florida but did have wooden skewers. Lit the end with a match and worked perfect also.

Great map. You are an artist.



Have to get back to the Olympics.