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Thursday, September 18, 2014

I actually did do some stitching today, but haven't taken photos as yet, so I will share a picture of the delicious supper our #2 son made for us when he was home.  And, before you ask, yes he made those buns - from scratch!

EDITED TO ADD:  For those of you who asked, there was tomato sauce, zucchini, cheese, and the eggs were poached in the liquid.  There might have been other ingredients too, but I wasn't privvy to the cooking process!!  Served over quinoa. 

Thought I'd also tell you about a very interesting article I found on Studio Kat's blog.  She discusses doing more of what you love, which will lead to a happier life.  I thought it was worth sharing with you, so go HERE to read it. 

Today the quote is from Tama Kieves.... "You can't cling to the old nest and soar to the flowering branches at the same time"


  1. I'm going over to read that article because I truly believe that too. I used to battle with myself when I worked full time for ME time to do what I wanted. Now, I have all the time I need and am truly much happier.

    Hey, It's almost Friday. Have a great weekend.
    xx, Carol

  2. Oh the joys of a child that can cook!

  3. That does look yum and how clever to makes the buns from scratch. I bet they are very healthy too.

  4. what's in the pan????

  5. I too want to know 'what's in the pan?"

  6. come on.....what's in the pan??????


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