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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Flavours of Fall

When we were away we were able to sample some produce that had been put through a dehydrator and we promptly went out and bought one for ourselves.  Since then DH has been happily playing with it and these jars are some of the results....

Each of these jars holds approximately twenty plum tomatoes, believe it or not!  They are SO sweet and full of tomato flavour and it's hard not to keep snacking on them til they're all gone.  They'll be a tasty addition to salads over the winter (if they last that long!). 

Today's quote is from an unknown source.... "Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least"


  1. Great idea! but I suspect it's like home made jam -- big plans for having it available all winter. Then it sort of vanishes long before then, so good..

  2. They are delicious. My daughter has a huge garden (actually it's her husband's hobby) and she and I dehydrated hot red peppers and plum tomatoes. We sliced them thinly though. But it was hard not to keep snacking on them.

  3. makes my mouth water!!!

  4. Oh those tomatoes look simply gorgeous never mind the taste! We do this every Summer with ours too.

    I love your tarnished silver containers on your desk - yummy!

    Love also anything with roses and I know your hassif
    is going to look gorgeous!

    Thanks for your kind comment Mary Anne. You sound just like my mother would have! I will take it easy but now I am raring to go again so this will be hard!

  5. Beautiful, thanks for sharing, time for harvest already.

  6. The tomatoes look beautiful MA!
    We would be lucky in our house if they lasted a few weeks - there are always many nibblers on the lookout for a snack!!!
    They look lovely in the jars - what a good fellow your DH is!

  7. When my daughter was little we got a de-hydrater and used the heck out of it! When she got married, she took it with her. I had forgotten about it. Maybe I should have her stock my pantry!
    xx, Carol

  8. Try some pears they are yummo!

  9. Mmmmm, look yummy! Just think....fruit leathers, dried zucchini, kale chips, all ready for the winter, the latter to be dropped into soups, berries dried for winter compotes and strudels......our dehydrator was broken in the move.....wah!

  10. they do look delicious but I'm drawn to the inspirational potential. I see doodles and deep reds...


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