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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lucky me!

I have to be the luckiest person in the world!  I am always so humbled when someone gives me something that I can use with my work and I am definitely blessed to have such good friends who think of me when they come across something they know I will like.

First of all, one of my friends brought me back this treasure trove of goodies (she brought me back more and this is just what was in one of the little baggies).....

The fabrics you can see are gold and silver lame (at least I think that's what it's called) and the other piece is a beautiful gold satin.  There are ribbons, and beads, and buttons, and some gorgeous trims.  She also brought me some beautiful sequins and a package of milliner's needles.  Am I blessed, or what?

I was gifted with these on the weekend...

I don't know how old these things are, but they came from a lady who is nearly 90.  They could have been from her mother, so even older than that.  The apron is made from a fabric very similar to gauze...certainly one that would have been used for Sunday best.  The other piece is an envelope...perhaps used to hold hankies.

Click to embiggen the photos!

Some beautiful collars, as well as a little pouch that is crocheted using very heavy thread.  I would assume that the ring must mean that it could be hung up.  I have no idea what it would have been used for originally.  Do you know?

I have to say that I have the nicest friends on earth!  Thank you Mary Ellen and Kelly.

Today my quote is about friends, and comes from Arlo Guthrie.... "A friend isn't someone who will carry you to your destination so much as someone who will walk along with you for awhile"


  1. Oh, don't you love to get gifts when they are picked out especially for you and are things you love. I am sure that you have several thoughts on how they will be used.
    xx, Carol

  2. Luck you:) That little crochet bag twigs a memory for me. The first thing I thought of was for laundry. When I was a kid my elderly neighbour used to have a thing to put her lye soap in. I'm taking the days of the old corrugated scrubber boards. Being of a heavy crochet sort of thread makes sense for scrubbing out heavy stains in clothes. Then the ring is to hang it up next to the laundry sink. I'm probably wrong:)

  3. Oh, yes, what wonderful friends you have to share such booty with you! Gorgeous stuff! Is the bag a coin purse? To wear on your wrist attached with a chain? or perhaps to wear around the waist on a belt?

  4. These are wonderful items, especially the lacework pieces. Now I'm wondering what the little purse is for. Lavender sachet, maybe?

  5. Those are very beautiful gifts and rare antiques, I agree that would be very humbling.

  6. Don't iron that gold fabric lol trust me I know, its zizzles up and sticks to your iron!
    I have afew of those divine little bonnets and it was my intention to cut them up but I simply cant bring myself to do it lol
    fabulous gifts girly : )

  7. You lucky, lucky girl, you!

  8. yes, I must admit to more than a little envy when I saw your gifts on flickr. You must have been a very good girl!

  9. Oh my goodness Mary Anne, I can imagine your squeals of delight when you opened these parcels!
    Those collars are absolutely exquisite, what a generous gift.
    I wonder how you will use them - please keep us posted Mary Anne.
    Shane x


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