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Monday, December 31, 2012

Stash Reduction....maybe??

In the interest of reducing my stash of denim (which is overflowing the assigned storage area) I decided I simply HAD to make one of these...

Jack decided he really liked it (husbands don't, as a rule, wax poetic about things we make) will become a throw for the back of our couch.  Then he announced that it would be really nice if I were to make two smaller ones to go over the back of our chairs too.  Hmmm.  Well, this morning I cut out more denim and have one sewn up already.

However, can anybody tell me
the stash bucket is STILL

What's with THAT???

Pattern for the quilt is from HERE.  It's an adaptation of Kaffe Fasset's Jewel Squares from the book 'Glorious Patchwork'. 


  1. That's a really good design -- and execution.

    I have a theory about the stash container continuing to be filled, which relates to pruning. When you prune shrubs they relax and spread out and take up exactly as much space as before they were officially halved in size. This is what happens to stash, too. Anyway, that's my story.

  2. Back of the chairs is good. Seems like Terry's head wears the back of the chair down. Also, he usually always has a throw over his lap.

    I thought you knew the elves come in to replenish our stash ALL the time!!

    Happy New Year.

  3. Very nice!
    Gotta keep DH happy, sometimes.....
    I like the new header.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Hey Hey MA ... first off ... I love it! Great use of denim ... looks totally comfy!

    I have that same feeling about my stash ... in general ... why doesn't it get smaller?

    I do plan to tackle it this year ... some of it will get gone!

    All the Best to you all for this New Year ... health & happiness ... love & joyful times!
    Big Hugs ... Marie

  5. Well I think making just one quilt wasn't enough! I think you will have to make SEVERAL!!!

  6. Everyone knows that when the lights go out at night the stash multiplies--it is part of natures many mysteries.
    Love the throw quilt MA it is beautiful.

  7. oh yes...I like the idea of husbands giving embroidery related orders!!!

  8. a very elegant and classy use of denim!!!!!!!!

    stash is like hangers--shut the door and it gets all jiggy and makes more i swear :)

  9. i like it, too. lots. and stash bins definitely have a way of replenishing themselves, don't they?

  10. Its wonderful!
    That one very wise man you live with lol
    I like the new header for your blog too, that piece turned out so beautifully. Have you done the workshop yet?
    I sussed that when I thin out my scrappy stash......I just seem to spread it further, in more containers...its self defeating lol Some of us are just meant to wallow in fabrics...and notions...and beads...and broken jewellery...and yarn..and all manner of other junky Treasures : )

  11. Great use of the leftover denim. Did you have to cut out all those little black strips? that would defeat me right there.

    I mailed your pattern today so you should get it the end of necxt week or so.

    Happy New Year to both you and Jack.



  12. I love that! Did you back it with anything? I'm envisioning a nice comfy flannel. As for how the stash keeps multiplying...(clue - I personally am convinced it happens at night while you sleep!) That is truly an age old question. Let me know when you find out.

  13. Oh, Dear Heart:
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog yesterday, and for the link to your recycled denim projects! So many great projects, and helpful links! I can see where these wonderful things were much appreciated.
    Have a wonderful day, my friend. Thanks again for the visit.


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