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Friday, December 14, 2012


Normally I save putting up an image of my creche until closer to Christmas.  I know I post it every year and perhaps my long-time readers are rather tired of seeing it.  The news from Connecticut today is beyond comprehension and is so very heart-breaking.  All I can do is pray for those families and publish an image of what I believe in and know that God is with them.

Sorrow has no words.


  1. thoughts are with those parents that tonight are asking... why?

  2. Its another appalling gun crime, its felt over here too. Your heart cries out for the families......and all you can wonder, is why?

  3. broken hearts.....there are no words

  4. I spent all weekend crying and so did my mom. I haven't asked why, because there isn't an answer on this planet that will justify such a horrible act. My thoughts and prayers too are with the families and the community in Connecticut.


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