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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

With courage in hand....

I attempted to cross stitch
this word onto my 
white cloth again 
(remember the oh-oh-ism when I 
sliced the backing the last time?).

This time it worked!!



  1. brilliant!! Love the colour mix too....

  2. Aha, courage is its own reward! it looks great.

    I notice that whenever I come in your person counter shows me as a visitor from a township nowhere near where I live -- not even the right county! fine by me, but I do wonder how the PTB determine these things. Just one of those mysteries that help me pass the time...

  3. You sure do have courage to sit down and do it over again. I just did my full name and date to put on my cloth wallhanging. don't think I would want to do it over again.

    Whenever I see the word courage I will think of you and our cloth making.



  4. I bet that took some courage to do MA :}

  5. So you had the courage and this time it worked, fabulous.

  6. Congrats ;-) Nicely done and I love the variation of color.

  7. WOW - I've just read your last few posts and caught up with your white piece!!
    Lovely work MA - and your COURAGE crosstitch is superb too!!
    Lovely view from you window of the lake - for a bit of daydreaming now and then??


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