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Thursday, April 05, 2012

White - finally!

Above is the latest of the blocks I have completed for my white cloth project.

Below?  Well, that's an OOPS.  

Well, problem is this....
suddenly my computer is telling me I'm over
my photo limit?  

What's up with that???

Good thing my computer guru #2 son is coming
tonight and perhaps he can figure out what on
earth has happened.

In the meantime, you will just have to wait to see a picture of my oops moment!


  1. Lovin' the White!

  2. LOVE those little hexies--and "desire"--Hoo Baby, desire never looked so virginal :)

  3. MA, you have a wonderful sense of humor! Love your stitched piece! Hugs, Pam

  4. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Love it MA. With all the great work #2 son is doing isn't it about time he was moved up to #1 LOL. Just sayin'
    Mrs Noofy

  5. Ohhh ... this is coming together beautifully!

    Hugs ... Marie

  6. Love this piece. But like you said, over on your photo limit?????? Never heard of such a thing. Let us know what happens. Hope you are doing well MA.

  7. Glad to see that you're back to white, even if there is a missing "oops" moment!!!

  8. I love, love ,love this and I saw your oops moment on fickr...
    I have left a little comment for you over there....

  9. Another great cloths. I am looking at making a wall hanging out of 4 of mine. It will finish up about 18 wide by about 38 long with the lace on the bottom of the last one. I had such fun making these.

    What are you going to do with yours MA?

    Happy Easter to you and your family.



    ps - another beautiful jacket for some lucky lady.

  10. I've always wanted to do a white piece. This one is lovely.
    Do tell us what clever son discovers.

  11. The photo limit thing is a nasty trick Blogger plays -- every website has a limit on the amount of free image storage they allow anyone, and over that limit, they charge you -- but B. never tells you you're getting near it or what will happen if you do!

    You can either pay for more storage, or delete a lot of earlier images from much earlier posts, but that will remove them from your archive.

    If blogger would only mention stuff like this, some of us would like them a lot more than we do!

  12. This is just beautiful! Is it as much work as it looks like? There appears to be so much detail.


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