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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TUSAL & ORTS - April

This is my first test of the new 'improved' Blogger - bear with me if it ends up a garbled mess!!

Above is the pile of ORTS I have accumulated since last month.  I haven't been as busy stitching as I would have liked, but it's still a pretty respectable size.  Below you see it added to my jar.  I think it's rather fun to see the layers of colored threads. 

All this is because I joined into the TUSAL of ORTS being run by DaffyCat!!

TUSAL = Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long
ORTS - Old Ratty Threads


  1. Funny, but I just don't know what all the blogger complaint is. I know it looks different on your dashboard. But it gives you more info if you care about that stuff. And the buttons are in different places. I refuse to be an Old Dog!! ~lol

  2. God love ya, fighting the new *Flogger* format!
    I like the stray threads put in a glass decanter~~looking all spiffy!
    If I ever can get back to sewing, I might try that!
    See, you've started something....


  3. Hey MA! The blog post looks spectacular. I too had a surprise when I went to do a post. It took me a little longer but it turned out o.k. Good luck with the Orts!

  4. You didn't remind me and I missed it!

  5. that jar of threads is SO fun!


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