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Friday, November 04, 2011

Thrifting find

Sometimes a goldmine will pop up when you're thrifting and other times it's a complete and total waste of time.  Yesterday I stumbled upon a really ugly necklace although the colour intrigued me and it looked as though it might have some useable beads*.  Upon further inspection the main element of the necklace was what made me run right to the cash register and pay whatever they wanted! 


Isn't that a gorgeous button? 
The photo definitely doesn't do the shine and
sparkle justice. 
The beads in the necklace were just an added bonus.
* just a little sidenote - if you are in need of beads to add to your
collection, keep in mind that purchasing used necklaces 
often yields great beads FAR cheaper than
buying them packaged and sold as beads.


  1. Love that button!

  2. I love that button. Its a work of art. I would have liked to see a picture of the necklace. Makes me want to go thrifting tomorrow (smile)....its going to be a nice day though so better to go out and spend the day in the outdoors.
    Soon though soon. What do you have in mind for the button?

  3. Oh, I'm more than a little envious of your magnificient find!!! Looks like just the right colour scheme for a new bead journal. LOL! I haven't had much time for thrift shopping these days, so perhaps I envy your time to do this the most.

  4. Oh, don't get me into beads! life's too short....

    You can also make your own beads. I've made them from paper and people have assured me they're ceramic until I explained, no, I made them, they're paper. You can also make beads that look like varnished wood, also out of paper...but if you want glass, well, I haven't made glass beads, but people do...clay, yes, glass no.

  5. I love that button too... great find

  6. that is a gorgeous button. What a find.


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