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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


1.  The Summer 2011 issue of Pat Winter's new magazine 'Crazy Quilt Gatherings' is now available for purchase in either a print version or a download version.  If it's as good as the first issue I know it will be more than worth getting a copy!  Go HERE for further details.  I have mine on order and will be stalking the mailman until it comes!

2.  My friend Pam Kellogg has been making some lovely cards that are available in her online shop, along with some other  really lovely handmade things.  Go HERE to see the latest!  The baby image on the first card was one I sent her - from one of MY baby cards my parents received in 1954.

3.  Our house is now on the market so we are having to live like we're in a magazine spread at all times in case we need to clear out for a showing.  Not the funnest of occupations, but necessary if we plan to move.  Several people have commented that we won't want to leave now that it looks so nice - hah - it's going to be a huge relief to get out from under all the WORK!!!

4.   Yard sale is planned for this Saturday - anyone want to take odds on whether or not it will rain??


  1. Ever the optomist MA ---let's hope the house sells quickly for you.

  2. Anonymous9:21 PM

    hey there, we are putting our house on the market too. Is the market in Canada good? It stinks here in Spokane, but we are determined to move westward come H or HW.

    susan in spokane

  3. omg.....I would be so glad to BE OUT! hahaha! Because I have been through that and spent every waking hour keeping the place CLEAN and that just plain sucks!
    Here's hoping for GREAT weather and lots of people wanting to buy you out!


  4. Oh I wish I could come to your yard sale! Will you let us know how it goes??

  5. Good luck with house sale...fingers crossed for weather during yard sale. It's all just go go go isn't it? I'm tired just reading your blog.

  6. Hi MA

    Just talked to my sister in Barrie and she said it isn't raining there so hope that applies to Lindsay and your garage sale.

    I know there will be some strange stories you will have to share with us.




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