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Monday, May 09, 2011


Do you know that old children's song that starts out with "I am slowly going crazy; slowly crazy am I going; 6-5-4-3-2-1; switch"? 

Yep, that's me.

Called in the real estate today to start the process of selling our house and, as we feared, we were told that we would get much better offers if we were to cover up the fact that the hardwood floor in the living/dining room is worn with a nice new carpet. 

So, we hared down to the carpet store and picked out some cheap carpet and they will install same on Wednesday.

I can hear you saying, well, what's so bad about that?
What is bad about that is that new carpeting means that the quarter round has to be removed.  AND, that, in turn, leads to having to repaint the baseboards....again.  

AND, to make matters worse, I've already thrown out my painting clothes!!!!!!!!



  1. i remember those days. We have sold so many homes. It's just a pain. Wishing you the best MA. Hope it sells soon.

  2. Oh goodness! I hope it helps and you sell for top dollar. Have a great day!

  3. It will be worth it in the end... hang tight... watch for the goal...hehehe! ok that doesnt' sound like much fun... hope it all goes fast...

  4. No-one said life was meant to be easy MA but I know where you are coming from.

  5. bummer!! but it will all turn out ok in the end...k.

  6. well I for one would much prefer the wooden floor and would only rip the carpet up and throw it away!! I sympathise from afar!

  7. Before you start painting again...some people love hardwood floors and they like them worn looking. Tell the real estate lady you are into the Shabby Chic look.

  8. I don't think I will ever move. There's just too much to do... Besides, if the young'uns ever come home again, where would they go? There is plenty of room now.

  9. Hi MA

    That wedding came up almost too fast. Especially for you. The veil and the wedding purse are both lovely and I am sure she will treasure them.

    Selling a home is for the pitts. All the realtors want you to paint the whole house off white and carpet every floor or else they will say rip up the carpet and put down hardwood. You can't win.
    Our daughter has bought another home and is in the process of selling hers. They told her to strip all the wallpaper from both the dining room and kitchen and now it is all blah but they say that helps sell. go figure. It still hasn't sold and it is a beautiful house. They are moving May 20 whether sold or not. She wants the young one to ride the school bus for at least a couple of weeks. Same schools for all 3 boys and just 1 mile from their old house. I just saw it yesterday for the first time and it is humongous. She says there is even a place figured for us for someday if we want. Great daughter.

    Take it easy and enjoy the wedding and worry after.



  10. Dangit. And the first thing the buyer will do is rip up the carpet to enjoy the hardwood floors. Real estate people are nuts, I believe.

    I'd be very careful about making any other changes to suit the real estate lady!

    I do feel for you, though. Moving is no fun.

  11. I bought my house for the old, worn hardwood floors. I hate carpeting. I think I'd try with the wood floors and maybe carpet if it doesn't sell soon. Or offer to pay a certain amount if the buyers want carpet.


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