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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Letter 'H'

H is for HELP, which is what I need right now. Chain Braid Stitch for the TAST challenge is getting the better of me and I'm going down for the last time....picture to follow tomorrow ( I hope).

H is for house and here's the picture of the front of ours. The two blobs in the front of it are NO (ahem) relation!!

H is for helmet liners. And why, you ask, would I be interested in helmet liners? One of the mailing lists I belong to (knitting content) was talking about the need for warm knitted liners for the soldiers to wear under their helmets. It gets very cold and they need the small comfort of something they can wear underneath. I'm sure the comfort also comes from the thought that someone cared enough to make them something. Right now I'm trying to find a place in Canada that gets them to where they're needed. I know I can send them to the US, but I think our soldiers must need them too. If you're interested in the pattern and in finding out more check out:

H is for Huh! What's with this weather we're having right now? It's NOVEMBER for cryin out loud. It's CANADA. We're supposed to be cold. We're supposed to have snow by now. These double-digit temps are just not right. I'm not a fan of winter, but even I know that this isn't healthy. Global warming...bah!


  1. It is a little odd to be mid Nov and without snow here on the prairies -- but hey its cold enough the mosquitoes are gone, the grass isn't needing cutting, the garden doesn't need weeding -- I can actually just relax and enjoy the outdoors! :-)

  2. Ya both can have some of our big wind and big rain if you come get it yourself :}

  3. Good looking couple MA but how rude to have their photo taken on your lawn-wink wink


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