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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Latest bag

Here's another Christmas present I just finished up. I've been trying very hard to use up my stash of recycled denim and, even after making about fourteen of these bags, I can't see that I've even made so much as a dent in it. These are really easy to make, which is what I look for at this time of year. The originial pattern came from the book 'Jazzy Jeans' by Mickey Baskett, but you could use any tote bag pattern. The 'bits' of denim are sewn on in the sew-n-flip method you use for crazy quilting. I top-stitch using a yellow denim thread and add recycled pockets. This one has buttons from my collections added for some bling. A cheap, and cheerful, bag which can serve many uses.


  1. Have you thought of making bags from the remainder of the denim in larger sizes and donating to the local homeless shelter? I'm sure they'd be much appreciated!!

  2. Lovely bags. A good idea to keep.

  3. Great bags! That is a LOT of denim you must have....
    Thanks for swinging by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.. ;-)


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