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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The mailman brought this too...

I'm doing my post a little early this morning because I have a busy day ahead of me.  I'll also tell you that it's doubtful there will be a post tomorrow because I'm teaching another workshop on the crazy quilt hussif.  Part one of the two-day class is tomorrow.

Do any of you remember making things like placemats and doilies using a wooden loom...probably back in the early 70's?  My dad made me a loom and that Christmas every person I had on my gift list got a set of placemats...great fun!  This past Christmas Pam Kellogg's beautiful mother Adria sent me one of her handmade doilies and I realized that she had used one of those looms.  Mine, of course, is long gone.  Well, after I wrote to thank her and told her the story about my experience with the loom, she told her wonderful husband who then proceeded to make one for me!!  Not only did I get a loom, but Adria also made me another doily AND pre-threaded the loom and gave me instructions on how to do it (good thing, because I had totally forgotten!).

Here's the loom and what it makes...


Thank you SO much Adria and your wonderful woodworking husband!!

oh - and just as a sidenote - woke up to a heavy coat of snow this morning!!!!!!!!!!

Today's quote is from Anonymous....  "Reach for the stars, even if you have to stand on a cactus"




  1. you are sooooo spoilt!!! Hope the workshop is going well, or went well...

  2. MA....good luck with your class. Wish I were taking it.

  3. I remember those looms and making placemats too! How nice of her husband to make you a loom and for her to show how to wrap and stitch it!
    We had snow here this morning as well!!!
    Come on, Spring!

  4. I have a set of those looms in a few sizes...even oblong. They are made of plastic so not as nice as your wooden one. I must have got them at least 35 years or more ago as a Christmas gift.

  5. Yes! I remember creating on a loom similar to yours and others that were VERY popular back then. They started me on the path to crafting....oops, no that was creating doll clothes from scarves...but anyway, thanks for the memory.
    xx, Carol

  6. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Hey! Funny you should mention these little darlin's. I just found mine the other day in the garage! Forgot all about them. Deja vu the 70's! You are so lucky to get a gift like this. See ya next Wed.

  7. What a nice surprise!
    Have fun at class!

  8. Hi Mary Ann
    Long time no see!
    Bad health for me and my hubby has been a problem but the sun is coming out finally
    I smiled to se this latest post.
    I remember I having some of those doilies .
    Your frame is awesome... Have fun.

  9. I remember those looms too, but they weren't nearly as nice as this little beauty! What a lovely, thoughtful gift! ...Have fun teaching your class! xo

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It will encourage me to continue.

  11. I remember the plastic looms that made those daisy loop flowers when I was a kid. How fun that you now have one that's made of beautiful wood. :-)

  12. The little loom reminds me of the wooden thread spool with the four nails that made a rope. Looks like a fun thing to do.

  13. hmmmm.....where are you???

  14. Our cleaner at work bought a pattern off ebay to make a pram cover. She then had to get a rectangular frame made up so she could make the cover.
    Although yours here is a different shape, the manner of making looks to be the very same!
    She had to however, tie up the sections, one by one, before taking it off the frame so the cover ended up with sort of clumps or rounded lumps, as the pattern?
    How smashing that they gifted you the frame and instructions too lol


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