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Monday, December 09, 2013

The last TUSAL, and progress on Cloth # 2

Today I have a two part post for you.  First of all, this is the last TUSAL post for 2013.  Thanks to Daffy Cat for the inspiration to keep doing this and post about it each month. 

To the left you can see my final pile of theads for this month.  There was lots of stitching going on!

The pile of ORTS for the year.  Perhaps you can see the little bits of paper in amongst the threads?  As I finished a project throughout the year I wrote it onto a slip of paper and put it in amongst my Orts.  It was a noble plan, that quite thoroughly fell by the wayside as I got into Christmas creating.  Oops!

# # # # ## # # #  # # # # #

The second part of this post involves what I've
stitched over the past couple of days on my
white cloth # 2...

 Above is a vintage piece taken from  a tea cloth that was embroidered
by my grandmother.  Above is a crocheted flower made over
a bone ring.  To the left is a seam I did with french knots
and detached buttonhole stitches.  

Below is worked on a vintage hankie.  I did
buttonhole stitch around another bone ring and added
some detached buttonhole to it.  Then I worked
the honeycomb stitching, which I'm really quite happy about.


fabriquefantastique said...

I like the honeycomb as well....

deanna7trees said...

i love how you have placed your crocheted flower. lovely.

Boud said...

I love buttonhole stitch! get quite carried away doing it. French knots, not so much.

Your work is just lovely. What will happen to the white cloth? will it be a wallhanging?

Mosaic Magpie said...

The best laid plans of mice and men....the bits of paper were a great idea!
The honeycomb stitch is so nice and your flowers add a nice touch.

FredaB said...

Hi MaryAnne

You are going great guns on your 2nd cloth. I love the look of the honeycomb stitching. One of my fav's.


karen said...

beautiful, beautiful work on your cloth

~*~Patty S said...

I really enjoy seeing your embroidery and special touches...
I can see why you are fond of the honeycomb stitches...

Thank you for the nice birthday wishes...

Happy December MA

Chris Flynn said...

What an amazing idea!!