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Monday, January 21, 2013

Crazy quilting and Sueded Surprises

I've been planning a wee surprise for one of my friends for awhile and finally had a chance to actually get working on it.  This came from a thrifted suede coat....

 My friend is of Native descent - her ancestors were members of the MicMac tribe.  My research on the internet yielded up some information about their history.  Apparently there is very little of a written language in their culture with most of their stories being passed down orally.  They were one of the first native tribes to become Christians and did translate 'The Lord's Prayer' into their written symbols.  I used 'Our Father In Heaven' on this bag, which I stencilled on using...of all things....a Sharpie marker!!  The tribal colours are yellow, white, red and black, so the beading I added on the sides reflected that.
Great use for an otherwise useless coat, don't you think?

- - - - - - - -

here are some more of the seams I've
been doing on my latest hussif...

The above three seam treatments are ones that were designed by Pam Kellogg
and below is one originally designed by Sharon Boggon. 


  1. what a lovely bag and yes great use of the coat!
    Smashing stitching too.........such lush colours

  2. Beautiful stitching! That suede bag is super special. Your friend should be thrilled, especially that you put so much research and love in to it.

  3. Love the way you have turned that suede coat into a beautiful bag.

  4. Love the bag and appreciate the info that goes with it.

  5. Blogger is playing tricks and only lets me see pic#1 which is sooo nice! Love the fact that you've made it so personal for your friend. She's sure to love it!

  6. What a wonderfully thoughtful gift for your friend!

  7. So, is your friend from Nova Scotia then? I have a book on the Micmac symbols. Your friend will love your care in making something so meaningful to her.

  8. Love your seam treatments. They are so interesting and the colours are gorgeous. That bag is just wonderful. You are very clever and creative.


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