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Friday, December 02, 2011

A day to remember

Today I was treated to my birthday present from one of my friends.  Yes, I am well aware that my birthday is in July, as is she!

Her gift to me the past two years has been a 'mystery tour'.  She picks me up in the morning and off we go to explore someplace totally unknown to me until we get there.  Today we visited a small town called Lakefield and explored all the shops.  Then she treats me to a nice lunch and more shopping (mostly looking for both of us). 

I picked up a couple of things for Christmas presents and purchased the latest 'Knit'nStyle' magazine because I fell in love with the sweater on the cover.  It's precisely what I would want to knit for myself and I was quite excited about it...until.....I went online to get the price of the yarn.  Oops.  At $79 for ONE ball (and I would need four!!) methinks I'll just frame the picture and look at it.  No way I could spend that much for yarn - especially when it would also need 5 balls of another yarn that're $9 each.  Nope, too costly for my blood, but nice to contemplate anyway.  Maybe if I win a lottery??

Anyway, I had a most fun day and have already told my friend that she is more than welcome to repeat the gift next year!


  1. Mystery tour - What a lovely idea. I think you should buy the yarn.....Just think, when you have knitted the garment, it will be worth huge dollars in an upsscale store. I think you should be a bit swanky! Be one of the "A" group! Begone frugality!

  2. I have experienced that too expensive yarn scenario. Sometimes substitutions just don't give the same look. I say go for the less expensive yarn and make a great sweater that you will love.

  3. What a lovely gift from your friend.
    Goodness that yarn is expensive. Do people really pay that much? I don't knit and the only yarn I buy is from the charity shops (to use in some kind of fibre art project).

  4. Lucky to have a friend like her..give her a hug from me when you meet her next :)

  5. ooh i must check out that magazine cover sweater pic, the yarn must be spun gold.

  6. How big is that $79.00 ball? Ack!! I don't even think I've spent that much on a finished sweater! Let alone on a fraction of the thread.

  7. What a nice way to send an "early" or "late" BD... Good to catch up with you again

  8. What a fun day to have with a good friend. I am with you on the price of knitting yarn. You would think it is made of gold. I have a pattern for a knitted scarf with beads entwined and you need around 1,000 beads. Unless I find a very good buy - goodby scarf.

    What a DIL to bring you that gorgeous cake. It would be gone fast around here too.



  9. well happy birthday to you....the Queen has two birthdays too!! You are in good company...and how will your stitching be if you are suffering caffeine withdrawals???


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