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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's not true!!

Reports of my having fallen off the face of the earth are not true.

We are getting down to the crunch time with putting the house on the market and are narrowing in on the major things we needed to get done.  I'm still going through 'stuff' and getting it gone in one form or another.  The garage looks like a cyclone hit out there and I know I will be spending a number of days setting up for a massive yard sale.  

In the meantime, I'm also doing such delightful things as touching up paint (open jar, stir, find paint brush, dab on a little paint in a couple of spots, close jar, wash brush.....rinse and repeat).  

We get the apartment on May 1st and will start moving some things then and will make the final move when the house sells.  Maintaining two homes will be a chore because I just know that we'll have taken something over there that we find we need more desperately NOW.  Just hope the house sells really fast.

Oh  yeah - and getting ready for the weddings too!

Needless to say my posting might be a little sporadic over the next few weeks.  Rest assured I'll be back with regular doses of mumblings before long and in the meantime, I'll post as I can! 
Please feel free to mumble amongst yourselves!!


  1. Good Luck with the move. Hope all goes well. Kim xx

  2. mumble mumble, Glad to hear you have not fallen off the face of the earth. mumble mumble
    We will check on you just to make sure that during the yard sale you are not carted off. mumble mumble

  3. Mumbling without you is just not the same MA.
    Good luck with the moving and selling -or should that be selling and moving.

  4. Mumble...mumble... ;-D
    Omg...I don't know how you are DOING all that you are! You are a better woman than I am, I'll tell you that!
    I hope that once you get it on the market you are able to sell soon so that you are not torn between two home.
    ONE is ENOUGH!!!
    Big hugs to you~~♥


  5. Anonymous7:57 PM

    mumble..mumble...grumble..mumble....... see ya next week.
    Mrs Noofy.

  6. Yes, we were worried!
    Stressful times ...moving house that is. Good thing you have such a great sense of humour.

  7. poor dear, life will be very topsy turvey for a little while yet. is it far between the two places?
    best wishes for the move, and everything else.

  8. Happy to hear you aren't missing. My postings have been sporadic too and I don't have the excuse of moving. I am working on some things that I will likely share later. Hope things go smoothly for you. Connie

  9. don't always leave a comment, but always read...Jan

  10. hope it's all going well with the packing and everything. Have a wonderful easter!!

  11. I know you will glad when all this moving is over and done with. I know how hard it is, as I have moved multiple times over the years. Each time we say it will be our last. LOL

  12. Glad all is well as it can be in the circumstances. I think I would like your house when it is finished. How nice to move into a clean, all painted, house.

    I dread the day but know it is coming one of these days. Just think I have 2 to clean out and get rid of.

    I don't even have an excuse but haven't been blogging much. Not much to show these days.

    Take care and don't kill yourselves in the process.




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