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Friday, September 06, 2013


Today I'm stitching, really I am., however the type of stitching I'm doing involves the sewing machine and straight lines (maybe a few curves thrown in for excitement).  It's the putting-together of the denim purse.  Quite boring, really, unless you take into the account the many instructions that come along with it and the need to adhere quite strictly to said instructions lest you have to reverse stitch.  Ask me why I know I don't want to go there.


I was going to use a blog post title today
to reflect the fact that I feel naked.
Thought better of that, because I knew
that might mean every screwball would be
scrambling all over themselves to leave me kinky comments.


You'll notice I didn't.

It's time once again to post the picture of my TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long) results for the past month.  At least this time I have something to post....see?......

Oh, and are you SURE you want to know why I feel naked?  


Well, my rings are in the store getting re-sized
and it's AMAZING how much I miss them on
my fingers!

HAH - and you thought it was something else didn't you??
Some people have their minds in the gutter....sheesh.


  1. LOL
    Yes MA
    you had me wondering ;)

    I went out yesterday without earrings and I never do that...something was definitely missing!

    Lovely TUSAL you have there!
    Happy Weekend...

  2. You're too funny! I know what you mean about feeling naked though. With me, if I leave the house without my earrings, I feel naked...and all I really ever wear are these little studs! I can't wait to see your purse all done. I know it's going to be a beauty with all that glorious stitching you've been adding! I hope you don't have to run around naked for too long! Have a fun day! xo

  3. you're naked??? you don't want screwballs on here/?? I best get going then....


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