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Monday, November 21, 2011

TAST, Temari, and Zentangles

How's that for a mixed bag of mumblings?


Sharon B will be re-introducing her fabulous TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesdays) beginning in January!  I am seriously considering signing on again, despite having taken part several years ago.  Each Tuesday of the year Sharon will introduce a different embroidery stitch.  You are encouraged to try the stitch and, if you are interested in playing further, create additional variations of your own.  At the end of the year you will have learned 52 stitches and been inspired by the creations of the rest of the members of the class.  It's great fun!  Go HERE for further details and to sign up.  You won't be sorry!  Oh...and did I mention all this is FREE???


After I posted the picture of the beautiful temari ball I was given, I came across THIS and thought you might be interested to see how they have combined temari and shisha. 


I know there is a lot of interest in zentangles at the moment.  Jo in NZ has created some beautiful cards using the technique.  Have a peek at them HERE.

Today I've been glued to my sewing machine and have actually managed to get a lot done on the next denim jacket.  Pictures will be forthcoming - perhaps tomorrow.


kaiteM said...

i signed up for the TAST, as i can't do any but the most basic of embroidery stitches i can't lose.

Carol said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
I signed up for TAST. I am really looking forward to this as a personal challenge.

DIAN said...

I have joined up too. There is always something new to learn and share.

How is the wall hanging coming on?