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Monday, January 04, 2010

Of dragons and dreams

I don't think I've ever mentioned that I like dragons. I don't know exactly why I like dragons, but I do. You can just imagine how surprised (and totally honoured) I was when Amy asked me to be a tester on her latest pattern for...are you ready?.....a dragon!! My studio NEEDS a resident dragon and I can't wait to play with this pattern. Amy blogs at An Li Na Designs and has posted lots of pictures of her prototype. Please have a look here and you'll see what I'm excited about! Be sure to scroll down to see more pictures. She has generously allowed me to talk about my dragon here, so stay tuned for updates!

I'm planning to write a list (oh, horrors!) of my dreams for this year, seal them in an envelope which I will open the beginning of 2011. I wonder just how many of them I might manage to make come true? Anybody want to join me just for the fun of it?

Right now I'm totally frustrated because I have several projects I'm so anxious to start working on and, of course, my 'tricky' finger has decided to act up again. For some reason it decides to undergo a massive peel prefaced by turning all hard. Right now it's done the peel part and is just dry and tender. It happens every couple of months & is extremely sore and makes me pretty much at a standstill for any needlework, which drives me completely stircrazy. I have tried every cream/lotion/antibiotic and nothing seems to help or cure it. Sigh. I know, do I have a little cheese to go along with that whine?


arlee said...

OMG he is AWESOME! That will be so much fun! Do you get to choose which fabrics you'll use?

Shawn said...

Maybe you should just cut your finger off.

dogonart said...

OOh,,I love this dragon. Sorry about the finger...I'll bring some of my hydra cream next time..should help??

dogonart said...

PS. On the dreams sister and I did that one year and we had such a laugh the following new year..we had forgotten most of what we had written. Of course some of it was way out anyway but we found we both had some things which were the same, even the humourous ones. It was fun.

Doreen G said...

I think I just might join you in the list MA.

yvonne said...

I guess that's another thing we have in common MA. I love dragons too. On my sons journal I made him for Christmas I put a good luck Chinese dragon on the cover for him. My daughter made me a paper mache dragon once, I no longer have it as it got destroyed in a move once (boohoo) but my son and I both love dragons and the stories behind them.

Purple Missus said...

I've always been the same about fairies and goodness knows why - but I think I might change to dragons instead, he is absolutely fabulous.

Love the dreams list. I think I shall do the same - only problem is that come next year I will probably have forgotten the 'safe' place I put it in. :)

FredaB said...

He is one wonderful dragon. Ican't wait to see your interpretation of it. Go girl.