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Monday, September 08, 2008

29...and counting

Jack and I took off for a sanity day today, and also to celebrate 29 years of wedded bliss (or something like that!). These are a couple of the pictures I took. We clamboured over all these rocks in order to get some pictures. This was some brave (or incredibly stupid!) soul on his descent down a sheer rock face, which he then proceeded to climb back up. You sure wouldn't get me up there, but it was certainly interesting to watch!

We completed our day with a tour through the most fascinating little touristy gift shop, where I could have bought all sorts of treasures - but didn't. AND a great supper out with completely over-the-top decadent Bailey's Irish Cream cheesecake for dessert. A perfect day!


arlee said...

Happy Anniversary Sweeties!

dogonart said...

What a lovely day ..... thanks for sharing

Jane said...

Yes, Happy 29th Anniversary!
Sure looks like a fast current for that crazy guy to fall into if he didn't croak first from a head wound LOL !!

Marie Alton said...

Happy Anniversary MA & Jack!
Glad your day was awesome!

Doreen G said...

Congratulations to you both on 29 years of marriageand may it go forever.
Now that desert sounds like one good dish.

Paula Hewitt said...

Happy Anniversary! I thought when i saw the title it was your birthday! great photos