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Friday, March 07, 2008

March TIF

Today I pieced my block for the March Take It Further Challenge and found a cigarette silk which matches fairly well. Now I'm ready to start embellishing on it and also on the one I'm trading with Doreen. I also spent some time working on the next piece of the Exquisite Corpse challenge, but unfortunately we are not allowed to show what we do. Darn, because I'm pretty excited about this one!!

There's yet another winter storm on it's way. I've had enough and am more than willing to cry uncle. Enough is enough already!!! Of course our local city employees have to choose this winter to go out on strike and leave us with virtually no snowplowing or sidewalk clearing. It's a crap shoot as to whether your boots are high enough to wade through the muck and slush. Driving is lots of fun (NOT) when you're on side streets where only one lane is plowed (and not well at that). Heaven forbid you have to meet a car going the other way. It's snowing right now and by the weather report, it sounds like we're in for about a foot more over tonight and tomorrow.

Please send sun....we're drowning.......


Quilt Pixie said...

if only it would get warm enough here to snow.... I'll trade :-)

kathy said...

hi maryanne, i,m tired of this snow too.gee coming home on kent street west there are lots of holes and on marystreet west too. the city have to catch up in the spring to fill them all.ohhh i,ll be happy to walk down the park with my camera. have something else to take instead of this terrible snow. have a wonderful weekend don,t shovel to much. bye kathy

Doreen G said...

How much sun do you want MA I'm sweltering here.